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For incomparable image manipulation service, Clipping Path Gallery (CPG) is undeniably a second to none choice. A key differentiator is our first-rate work at a reasonable prices. Our experience and highly efficient team is able to manipulate any image provided by you to your unique requirements. Your satisfaction is important to us and we provide the maximum effort to ensure it.

Our professional image creators know how to manipulate just about any image through their imagination and artistic abilities. We are able to remove undesirable composition elements, put in focal points to a selected part of an image, and generate extra interests. We provide color selection and life to old black and white images while transforming tones and the sort of work that you would find important.

Additionally you can make use of work for business enterprises such as advertising and marketing, montages, presentations, to produce fantastic output which only a qualified designer can offer.

Our Key Features

  • 24×7 Support and Service
  • 100+ inhouse Photoshop designers
  • Project based or weekly and monthly payment plan
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick TAT and special price on bulk order

World Class Services

We ensure quality and industry best practices to produce operational expertise which enable us to deliver reliable world-class services. Our goal is to be the leading provider of Services, delivering client-focused solutions through our proficient team.

Save Money

You can save your money to send us your images. We provide with a very flexible and cheap rate for your image editing or photography post production services. Our price is more cheaper than a first and second world country and we ensure the quality is equal and competitive.

Ongoing Support

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with support and updates you can rely on. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Just send us your query. Contact Us 

  1. Clipping Path Services (Basic Clipping Path, Medium Clipping Path, Complex Clipping Path, Super Complex Clipping path)
  2. Multiple Clipping Path Service
  3. Image Masking Services (Layer Masking, Alpha Masking, Transparent Masking)
  4. Shadow Making Services (Original Shadow, Drop Shadow, Reflection or Mirror Shadow)
  5. Retouching Services(Basic Retouching, Headshot Retouching, Product Retouching, Glamour Retouching)
  6. Nect Joint/ Ghost mannequen effect/ Combo/ inclip
  7. Raster to vector Service

When you have a need for such graphics that require image maneuvering, simply forward it to us with the needs you have and you will receive a price from Clipping Path Gallery (CPG) team within One to Three hour from receiving the inquiry.

Clipping Path Gallery Provide Clipping Path services in many different classifications for professional clients:

  1. Hand made world class Clipping path with transparent, white background or with shadow (original, drop and reflection shadow)
  2. Multiple Clipping Path Service (easy to Super complex images)
  3. Clipping Path with Layer mask
  4. Clipping path with crop and re-size for E-commerce or webshop
  5. Images color correction service
  6. Neck joint/Ghost mannequin/inclip/ montage services
  7. Full Image Masking Services
  8. Photo Enhancement services
  9. Product Photo retouching services
  10. Raster to Vector conversion services
  11. Logo to Vector conversion services
  12. Photo Restoration service
  • We provide 100% secure unique FTP account with minimum 5GiB and more space for every CPG pro clients
  • Prices are dependent on average images volume or daily basis job or project duration (Nagotiable)
  • 24×7 production…We able to continue production services for every day even on the weekend or International holidays as per client need.
  • At least 1 Month file backup and ensure to keep safe your images to third party unauthorised use.
  • Random feedback and 3 step QC…Ensure redo work untill satisfaction.
  • Project based weekly and monthly invoice system for payment
  • We except most easier payment gateway for pro clients and also accept Bank transfer for some country.
  • World Class IM, E-mail and telephone support.

So if you want to be a Clipping Path Gallery (CPG) pro client from now then please e-mail us right now pro@clippingpathgallery.com

You can choose a easier way to transfer your big files to Clipping Path Gallery (CPG). We always accept your easiest way to send file to us. However we just show you some easiest way to transfer your big files.

Wetransfer: You can send us your files via Wetransfer file transfer system. Just go wetransfer.com and fill the required fields and put into there our email info@clippingpathgallery.com and send it to us. up-to 2Gib files you can transfer for free.

Dropbox: We can easily transfer your file to Clipping Path Gallery by using Dropbox file transfer process. You can send us you 20Gib big files to us. If you have dropbox premium then you can send us more big files.

FTP transfer: Clipping Path Gallery (CPG) provide ftp service. It’s totally free of cost for all CPG pro regular and project based clients. For every CPG pro clients can get unlimited ftp access to transfer big files to us.When the client applies for FTP account, Clipping Path Gallery will provide them the FTP User Name, Password and other related information. This information is totally secure, highly confidential and will not share any anonymous user. After that the FileZilla is compatible for Windows user also for MAC and Fetch Softworks also can use for MAC to access ftp. Please get the ftp tutorial from below.

Download FTP User Guide